Live Album @ Vermillion:

Featuring Hayley Shannon,

Evan McPherson,

Gavin Reub,

Katrina Kope,

Ryan Vinson

drum kit.jpg

Drum set + Ableton


Devin Bews performs with a vast variety of musicians and performers in the Seattle area. Bews' expertise and instrumentation setup is capable of supporting a vast range of artists with performances in electronic dance festivals, composing and designing video game sounds, accompanying contemporary dance classes, and producing song writers, singers and rappers. When left to his own solo work, a combination of choice samples processed with heavy low-tempo grooves, upbeat house beats, and precise syncopation gives the audience a unique experience they are often at a loss for words to describe. But when they do... 

“I’ve never heard such a blend of acoustic drums and electronic music work so well together”

“It’s so simple yet the sound is so full and powerful.”

“This is the future, after seeing Bews’ performance, I think I’m done DJing and need to rethink what is possible.”

“I stumbled upon you on my way to the restroom and didn’t want to leave in case I missed something, so I’ve been holding it this whole time.”

“I’m more of a country western style music lover, but I loved this. I’ve never seen anything like it.”