Fuggin Elephant is Devin's solo project with productions made on Ableton Live. His special format allows him constantly challenge his skills with drumming and has virtually no confines on the possibilities of music composition and improvisation. He welcomes collaborations and supports individuals with their own musical identity.


"This project is meant to explore sound, rhythmic, and improvisational possibilities. It serves me to challenge my self and others who want to create their own "voice", study and internalize the complexities of time, and fuel the creativity process."



From my show at Vermillion

An improvised run through of what I've been Fuggin doing for the past few months with my Elephant set up

My solo setup for live performances

This song I composed for an app game called Color Drift

A quick beat I made in an hour I call "Top Cutter"

Fuggin Elephant | Impulse | Live at The Sea Monster Lounge