Sundays Electro Lounge


Sea Monster Lounge

9-12, FREE 21+

Hosted by DEVIN BEWS

The first 3 Sundays of each month Devin Bews hosts a live electronic jam at the Seamonster Lounge from 9pm-12am in Wallingford, Seattle. [MAPS] The session is open to Ableton Live users, instrumentalists and vocalists. 

What I do is accompany musicians on drum-set and record the sound feed to Ableton. I either loop or manipulate the audio in real time to provide musical motif's and to fuel the jam. This is just one of many ways to incorporate electronics into a live setting. I encourage you to bring your way of performing electronics live whether you're an instrumentalist, vocalist or producer. 

There are no back lined instruments, so please bring anything you need to play. You can contact me [HERE] if you have any questions about the specifics of plugging into the sound system.